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Basket Frame - Frame for basketball vest

Basket Frame - Frame for basketball vest

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Basketball Frame - Enhance your Favorite Moments

Make your passion for basketball unique with our exclusive basketball jersey frame. Designed for fans of the sport, our frame allows you to display your favorite jerseys with elegance and professionalism, without any difficulty.

Made with high-quality materials and designed for quick and easy assembly, our frame offers a design designed to highlight every detail of your basketball jersey. Thanks to the unique fixing clips and internal shape, you can achieve perfect tension, ensuring a flawless presentation.

The frame format has been specially designed to fit the size of basketball jerseys, ensuring flawless presentation. In addition to the ease of assembly, our frame also offers optimal protection for your most precious sports memory, preserving it over time and preserving its beauty.

55x70 cm. external frame

45x60 cm. Pass Window

50x65.3 cm. Total silhouette

50x54 cm. Shape at low shoulder point

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