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Football Frame

Football Frame

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Elevate your sporting pride with our unique football jersey frame. Carefully designed to highlight every detail of your favorite jersey, this frame offers an elegant display that celebrates your passion for football. Made from premium materials, the frame ensures flawless presentation. The internal shape and fixing clips ensure perfect tension, preserving the shirt in its original state.

This perfect fusion of distinctive style and superior quality transforms your jersey into a work of sporting art and preserves lasting memories of your favorite victories. The high-quality wooden frame, resistant synthetic glass and the possibility of framing it on the front or back add a touch of refinement and versatility. Discover the ultimate in elegance and conservation with this frame, embellishing your football space with a one-of-a-kind display masterpiece.


width 53 cm.

Height 63 cm.

3 cm thick.

T-shirt not included

Wooden frame 2x3 cm.

choice of white or black colour

Passepartout acid free whitecore 1.4 mm.

Synthetic glass - Crilex 1.8mm.

Internal shape 5mm thick. with fixing clip

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